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Grooming Sizes and Coat Descriptions you can use on your form:

 This will be updated soon

Choose Any Add-Ons you would like: 

1) Pre-Groom Walk Service includes Bonding Time - $15

Pre-groom walk - so "poop" don't happen during grooming service. This is also great bonding time for me and your pup

2) Oops, I pooped! - $25

Charge if no pre-walk was chosen and your pet poops inside the mobile. I end up stepping in it, smelling it, and cleaning it - 

***I will charge if it is a "FULL ON POOP" - you know I can tell :) take them out before I come for a long walk....or I will bring your dogs poop back to you in a poopy bag with a charge on the bill. Or choose the Pre-Groom Walk which is great time for me to bond with your pet. 

All of the above work for me except poop for in my mobile. 

3) It's the Itchy Scratchy show - $5

Specialty shampoos for allergies or skin conditions

4) To De-Shed or De-Shed me Not - quote

5)Time for conditioner/ or medicated shampoo to sit on the pets skin or fur to allow to works its magic - $5

6) Trim My Nails Please - Nail trim only - $10 clip - $30 with dremel

No grooming requested only a nail trim - included with grooming. This is usually for pets already at the location I am at.

7) Feeling Edgy - Dremel nails - $20 only - no clipping

Smooth off edges and grind nails all the way back with the electric nail grinder

8) Special Needs Dogs - $10

Special handling for blind and handicap dogs as they take slightly more time. I am happy to take the additional time they require with a small additional charge.

9) FURminator Conditioning System - $30

FURminator brand shampoo & Conditioner followed with the FURminator de-shedding tool

A) Blueberry Facial - $5

Makes their face smell extra clean

B) Soft Nail Caps - $40

Nail Caps that glue on to the dog's nails to stop nail scratches

C) Dental Brushing -  $5

Clean teeth with a toothbrush, toothpaste & mint breath spray infused with Chlorhexadine for periodontal disease. I try to take off any tartar that I can safely remove at this time. Just ask and you can keep the toothbrush.

D) Blueberry Muffin - $10

Turn your dog into a deliciously smelling Blueberry muffin with my very own creation of COCONUT MILK & Glycerin Blueberry infused shampoo, Blueberry Infused Conditioner, Blueberry facial, Blueberry paw pad cream, and finished with Blueberry cologne. This truly makes me want to swallow up my dog it smells so good!

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